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Amerikkalaisen ”arvopohjan” valheellisuus, 7.1.2021

Making sense of the new Cold War, 26 March 2019

Chomsky: "Eliittien vastenmielisyys demokratiaa kohtaan on normi", 6.9.2016

Nato Yhdysvaltain maailmanvallan takaajana, 9.6.2016

Voices of dissident Americans, 12 January 2016

Yhdysvaltain "poikkeuksellisuuden" tuhovoima, 22.12.2015

Yhdysvaltojen militarisoitu ulkopolitiikka horjuttaa maailmaa, 22.9.2015 (Phyllis Bennis)

Suuri raha valvoo amerikkalaista mediaa, 26.6.2015 (Chris Hedges)

”Oletteko tulleet hulluiksi?”, 20.4.2015 (Ann Jones)

”Yhdysvallat ajautuu yhä syvempään totalitarismiin”, 1.3.2015 (Henry A. Giroux)

Suomen Nato-keskustelun harhat, 6.11.2014

The Empire of Chaos, Ukraine and Finland, 1 September 2014

US: We own the world, 19 January 2014

US grip on the world weakening, 7 November 2013

The Finns debate “Western values”, 16 July 2013

Yhdysvallat ja Nato ovat uhka maailmanrauhalle, 7.7.2013

Olli Rehnin "usko kansanvaltaan", 2.7.2013

Marko Maunulan harhaluulot Noam Chomskysta, 12.2.2013

Suomi Yhdysvaltain liittolaisena, 1.3.2012

Zellig Harris: An appreciation, 7 February 2012

"Tunaroiva" Amerikka, 2.1.2012

The vulnerability of American hegemony, 21 March 2011

Constructive and nefarious genocides, 1 February 2011

US's search for military hegemony in South Asia, 14 April 2009

American dream - or nightmare? 1 December 2008

Ahneuden ideologian romahdus, 10.10.2008

Stubbin unia Amerikasta, 30.6.2008


Afghanistan: "A major war crime"

19 December 2007

Making the world more dangerous

1 November 2007

Dialogues on democracy and war

21 March 2007

"Antiamerikkalaisen" tunnustuksia


Yhdysvallat ja Suomi "turvallisuudentuottajina"


"Yhdysvaltain ystävät"


The US is a failed state

24 May 2006

Yhdysvaltojen "nykyjohto" ja sen "ylilyönnit"


US Empire's coming decline

28 July 2005

Yhdysvaltain "uusi idealismi"


US rules, OK?

2 July 2004

Yhdysvallat: Demokratian esikuva?


Against a merciless empire

6 May 2004

US quest for global dominance

2 January 2004

Basic truths about US history

15 December 2003

US endangers its own and others' security

29 July 2003

US intimidates the world

11 July 2003

Yhdysvallat, ihmisoikeudet ja ”läntiset arvot”

Ydin, 4/2002

Länsimainen arvopohja hyllyy

Vihreä Lanka, 14.6.2002

Kolmatta tietä vai amerikkalaista tietä?

Ydin, 2000

Pommeja, ohjuksia ja valheita

Ydin, 5/1998

Järjenvastaisuus leviää Yhdysvalloissa, totalitarismi maailmantaloudessa

Ydin, 5/1995

Maailman uusi epäjärjestys

BBC Finnish Section, 3.2.1994

Camelotin uudelleenarviointi

BBC Finnish Section, 8.12.1993

"Amerikkalaisen unelman" valheet

Ydin, 5/1991

Yhdysvallat painostaa Eurooppaa Kolmannen maailman vastaiseen rintamaan

Ydin, 1991

Terrorismin kulttuuri

BBC Finnish Section, 5.9.1988

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Articles by guest writers

The African-American Migration North by Laura L. Klure, 4 May 2012


Articles by other writers — Muiden kirjoittajien artikkeleita

Empire Can't be Fixed, It Must be Dismantled by Patrick Mazza, CounterPunch, 23 November 2021

Erm I Know You're Busy But Nuclear War Is Getting Increasingly Likely, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 23 November 2021

Nearly 3/4 of the World's Dictators Receive US Weapons and Military Assistance by Matthew Hoh, CounterPunch, 22 November 2021

In First, US Labeled 'Backsliding' Democracy as Global Authoritarianism Grows by Julia Conley, Common Dreams, 22 November 2021

Americans Now Have an Opportunity to Determine Their Response to Rising Fascism by Nancy Braus, Common Dreams, 22 November 2021

The War Party: From Bush to Obama, and Trump to Biden, U.S. Militarism Is the Great Unifier by Jeremy Scahill, The Intercept, 21 November 2021

Hapless Biden Administration Is Weimar Republic on Way to U.S. Fascism by Finian Cunningham, Information Clearing House, 21 November 2021

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse: A judicial travesty by Tom Carter, World Socialist Web Site, 20 November 2021

The Road to Fascism: Paved with Vaccine Mandates and Corporate Collusion by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead, Information Clearing House, 19 November 2021

How Many Dead Kids Before We Admit US "National Security" Is a Lie? by Robert C. Koehler, Common Dreams, 19 November 2021

Our nuclear arsenal doesn't need to be ‘modernized'—it needs to be eliminated by Norman Solomon, Daniel Ellsberg and Marc Steiner, ZNet, 17 November 2021

Why It's So Hard to Tax Billionaires by Christopher Orlet, CounterPunch, 17 November 2021

The Pentagon as Pentagod by William J. Astore, Consortium News, 17 November 2021

Shadow Wars by Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News, 16 November 2021

Joe Biden and Illusions of 'Normalcy' by Andrew Bacevich, Common Dreams, 15 November 2021

How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control by Robert Reich, ZNet, 14 November 2021

Book Review: Manufacturing Militarism by Paul Robinson, Irrussianality, 14 November 2021

Call It The Department Of Aggression, Not ‘Defense': Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 13 November 2021

A Dystopian Hellscape Beckons: 21 Dark Clouds Over 2021 Amerika by Paul Street, CounterPunch 12 November 2021

American History: Let's Face the Truth by Robert Koehler, CounterPunch 12 November 2021

Electing Biden: One Year Later by Ted Snider, Antiwar.com, 11 November 2021

The US is Set to Make Nuclear War More Likely by Dave Lindorff, CounterPunch, 10 November 2021

Fun fact: US special ops are in 33 of 44 countries in Europe today by Nick Turse, Responsible Statecraft, 10 November 2021

George Floyd Isn't in the Headlines, But Trauma Continues for Black Men Like Me by George Yancy, Truthout, 9 November 2021

No Time for Complacency—January 6 Was a Dress Rehearsal by Michael Winship, Common Dreams, 9 November 2021

The Pentagon Budget Should Be Cut by At Least $1 Trillion—But War Profiteers Won't Go Quietly by Mandy Smithberger, William Hartung, Common Dreams, 9 November 2021

The Cruelest Form of Capitalism in the World by Robert Reich, Common Dreams, 7 November 2021

Students Are Pushing US Colleges to Sever Ties With Military-Industrial Complex by Ngakiya Camara & Kya Chen, Truthout, 7 November 2021

The Empire of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths the Deep State Wants to Keep Hidden by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead, Information Clearing House, 6 November 2021

People Worldwide Name US as a Major Threat to World Peace. Here's Why by Khury Petersen-Smith and C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout, 6 November 2021

US Military Interests Are Promoting a Culture of Fear With China by Daniel Falcone, Truthout, 5 November 2021

Is This the End of the Unreformable Democratic Party? by Michael Hudson, CounterPunch, 5 November 2021

Welcome to Hell on Earth, Brought to You by 'The American Century' by Tom Engelhardt, Common Dreams, 2 November 2021

The Manufacture of Decline by Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News, 2 November 2021

'Troubling' Survey Finds Violent, Anti-Democratic Views Thriving on American Right by Julia Conley, Common Dreams, 1 November 2021

How Trump and Miller prepared a military takeover in the US by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, United World, 29 October 2021

How the troubled U.S. empire could quickly fall apart by Richard D. Wolff, AlterNet, 29 October 3021

On Mass Political Inattention by Paul Street, CounterPunch, 29 October 2021

The Democratic Party Will ALWAYS Be This Way: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 29 October 2021

Is a multipolar world the answer to U.S. imperialism? by Rania Khalek and Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 28 October 2021 (video)

Biden Hasn't Got a Prayer by Finian Cunningham, Sputnik International, 28 October 2021

The Republican Onslaught Against Democracy Is Upon Us—And We Must Act by Jeffrey C. Isaac, Common Dreams, 27 October 2021

Why is U.S. military spending increasing to new, outlandish levels? by Lawrence Wittner, ZNet, 26 October 2021

A Few Early Thoughts On the American Coup of 2024 by Alfred W. McCoy, Common Dreams, 26 October 2021

Explosive Report Says GOP Congress Members Helped Plan Jan. 6 Capitol Attack by William Rivers Pitt, Truthout, 25 October 2021

Biden Between BlackRock and a Hard Place by Michael Hudson and Paul Jay, ZNet, 23 October 2021

Strike wave in US continues to grow, sparking fear and repression from ruling class by Marcus Day, World Socialist Web Site, 22 October 2021

US billionaire wealth increased 70 percent since the start of the pandemic by Kevin Reed, World Socialist Web Site, 20 October 2021

Senate Quietly Adds $10 Billion to Pentagon Budget While Blocking Climate Action by Sharon Zhang, Truthout, 19 October 2021

To Avoid Armageddon, Don't Modernize Missiles—Eliminate Them by Daniel Ellsberg and Norman Solomon, ZNet, 18 October 2021

Is Sec. of State Antony Blinken as bad as Mike Pompeo? by Juan Cole, ZNet, 17 October 2021

America's Instinctive Fascism Creeps On by Paul Street, CounterPunch, 15 October 2021

'Profiteers of Armageddon': Report Reveals Who Benefits From US 'Nuclear Modernization' Plan by Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams, 12 October 2021

The US Has Become a Tax Haven for the Vile and the Vicious by Sam Pizzigati, Common Dreams, 12 October 2021

The Rich are Different: They're Richer Than Us and Far Greedier by Dave Lindorff, CounterPunch, 8 October 2021

An Open Letter to Biden: Feminists Call for an End to the War on Terror by Feminist Peace Initiative, Common Dreams, 7 October 2021

War, Torture, and Mass Death: On the US Refusal to Apologize for Its Post-9/11 Carnage by Karen Greenberg, Common Dreams, 7 October 2021

The Mounting Confusion of President Biden's National Security Policy by Melvin Goodman, CounterPunch, 6 October 2021

Stop Calling the Military Budget a ‘Defense' Budget by Norman Solomon, ZNet, 5 October 2021

Lithuania wants to be the new Eastern outpost for US empire by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Responsible Statecraft, 4 October 2021

750 Bases in 80 Countries Is Too Many for Any Nation: Time for the US To Bring Its Troops Home by Doug Bandow, Antiwar.com, 4 October 2021

Book review: ‘The Spoils of War' by Mary Kaldor, openDemocracy, 3 October 2021

Big Money's War on the Build Back Better Plan by Sondra Youdelman, ZNet, 3 October 2021

Women Rally for Abortion Justice Amid 'Unprecedented Attack' on Reproductive Rights by Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams, 2 October 2021

US police have killed more than 30,000 people since 1980 by Trévon Austin, World Socialist Web Site, 2 October 2021

Reflections on Political Violence and Terror by Paul Street, CounterPunch, 1 October 2021

Empire's Sometime Handmaidens: Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International by Eve Ottenberg, CounterPunch, 1 October 2021

Six-Month Sentence for Lawyer Who Took on Chevron Denounced as 'International Outrage' by Julia Conley, Common Dreams, 1 October 2021

Recovering from America's Imperial Delusions by Andrew Bacevich, ScheerPost, 30 September 2021