Patrick Cockburn

Patrick Oliver Cockburn is an Irish journalist who has been a Middle East correspondent since 1979 for the Financial Times and, presently, The Independent. He has written four books on Iraq 's recent history. He won the Martha Gellhorn Prize in 2005, the James Cameron Prize in 2006 and the Orwell Prize for Journalism in 2009.


Afganistanin sotaa kaunistellaan valheilla, 4.3.2014 (Patrick Cockburn)



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Boris Johnson's Populism May be Muted, But it is Still Accelerating Britain's Decline, CounterPunch, 25 January 2022

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Tory Partying as the Alpha Covid Variant Took Hold is a Grim Symbol of Their Pandemic Response, CounterPunch, 13 December 2021

The West Helped Create the Conditions That Force Iraqis, Iranians and Syrians to Cross the Channel, CounterPunch, 7 December 2021

Mosul, Destroyed by War, Waits to be Rebuilt While the Hunt for Hidden ISIS Treasure Goes On, CounterPunch, 29 November 2021

The West helped create the conditions that force Iraqis, Iranians and Syrians to cross the Channel,, 27 November 2021

Trump Could be Re-Elected in the 2024, Yet Democrats are Still Obsessing Over the Steele Dossier, CounterPunch, 16 November 2021

The Owen Paterson scandal shows how corrupt our political class already is,, 5 November 2021

The west can't engage China on the climate while also demonizing them, ZNet, 19 October 2021

The CIA Plot to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange in London is a Story that is Being Mistakenly Ignored by Patrick Cockburn, CounterPunch, 5 October 2021

Britain Will Never be Taken Seriously with a Genuine Charlatan as Prime Minister, CounterPunch, 28 September 2021

When It Comes to Letting Down Allies, Trumpism and Bidenism Have Much in Common, CounterPunch, 21 September 2021

By Letting Saudi Arabia Off the Hook Over 9/11, the US Encouraged Violent Jihadism, CounterPunch, 14 September 2021

American Failure: Washington's Doomed New Way of Waging War, CounterPunch, 7 September 2021

The Taliban will Escape Pariah Status by Posing as the Enemy of ISIS, CounterPunch, 31 August 2021

The Taliban May Pretend to Show Moderation, But the Murderous Reality is Far Different, CounterPunch, 24 August 2021

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The Choice Facing Afghans: Do a Deal With the Taliban or Flee, CounterPunch, 18 August 2021

It is Government Weakness, Not Taliban Strength, That Condemns Afghanistan, CounterPunch, 17 August 2021

Britain is Sleazier and More Corrupt, But the Pandemic is Only Partly to Blame, CounterPunch, 10 August 2021

The Fall of Tunisia, Last of the Arab Spring Nations, CounterPunch, 3 August 2021

Boris Johnson is a Comic Operate Prime Minister, Whose Antics Have Killed Tens of Thousands, CounterPunch, 27 July 2021

The Greatest Threat to Britain Isn't China or Russia, It's Boris Johnson, CounterPunch, 20 July 2021

The Forever War in Afghanistan is Far From Over, CounterPunch, 13 July 2021

The government is launching a multi-front attack on freedom of expression in the name of national security, Independent, 3 July 2021

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Gunboat diplomacy will not revive Britain's fading power, whatever Boris Johnson thinks, Yahoo News/Independent, 25 June 2021

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Britain is a Parasite on Other Countries, CounterPunch, 15 June 2021

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Biden's Timid Gaza Intervention Won't Count for Much But US Reaction Against Israel has Changed Significantly, CounterPunch, 24 May 2021

Biden Can't Avoid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, CounterPunch, 17 May 2021

Israel is making the same errors as Britain did over Northern Ireland 50 years ago, Independent, 14 May 2021

The Pursuit of National Liberty Should not be Handed Over to Toxic Populists and Demagogues, CounterPunch, 11 May 2021

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Focusing on Injustices in Just a Few ‘bad' Nations Is a Dangerous Game, The Unz Review, 23 April 2021

When it comes to corruption, Britain is catching up fast with the Middle East, Independent, 16 April 2021

Northern Ireland is back as the most dangerous open wound in British political life, Independent, 10 April 2021

The government's race report has fuelled the controversy it was supposed to lay to rest, Independent, 2 April 2021

Vast sums are wasted on high-tech warfare, while the lessons of failures in real wars are ignored, Independent, 27 March 2021

In Syria, the War of Hunger Is Taking Over from the War of Guns, The Unz Review, 20 March 2021

Test and Trace is the dead elephant in the room – its stench grows by the day, Independent, 12 March 2021

The feud between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond threatens to capsize Scottish nationalism, Independent, 6 March 2021

The government may feel vindicated over the Shamima Begum verdict – but it shouldn't, Independent, 27 February 2021

US media reports of the invasion of the Capitol have contributed to the spread of hatred and fear, Information Clearing House, 24 February 2021

The Arab Spring failed but the rage against misery and injustice continues today, Independent, 12 February 2021

The clash between the UK and EU over Northern Ireland is a precursor to confrontations that will last decades, Independent, 5 February 2021

Scotland is on the same path as Ireland a hundred years ago – the independence movement will be very difficult to stop, Independent, 29 January 2021

The Capitol invasion was not 9/11 in terms of violence but its political importance may be greater, Independent, 22 January 2021

Trump was brought down by his own vicious rhetoric – but the damage he's done to America will be hard to undo, Independent, 19 January 2021

Government mistakes provided the breeding ground for the mutant virus, which it is now using as an alibi for its failures, Independent, 15 January 2021

A calamitous week for Trump has ended his hopes of controlling the Republican Party, Independent, 8 January 2021

Julian Assange has won a significant victory. We should consider what it really means, Independent, 5 January 2021

The UK is Out of the EU, But the Balance of Power in Europe has Tipped Permanently Against It, CounterPunch, 5 January 2021

English exceptionalism is, in fact, unexceptional – our government is making the same errors as other nationalist movements, Independent, 1 January 2021


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