Robin Hahnel

Robin Hahnel is professor emeritus at American University in Washington, DC, and visiting professor in the department of economics at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where he now resides. He has also taught at the University of Maryland, the Catholic Universities in Panama and Peru, and Lewis and Clark College. He is the author of Of the people, By the people – The Case for a Participatory Economy (2012), Green Economics (2011), Economic Justice and Democracy (2005), The ABCs of Political Economy (2002), Panic Rules! (1999), and The Political Economy of Participatory Economic (with Michael Albert, 1991).


Robin Hahnel, Talouskasvusta, Parecon Finlandin julkaisuja 3, 2013, 4.9.2013

Robin Hahnel, Kilpailusta yhteistyöhön: Kohti oikeudenmukaista talousjärjestelmää. Like 2012. (Ks. myös Kapitalismin myyttejä: “Vain yksi malli”)



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