Kansainvälinen politiikka — International affairs

Ks. myös Yhdysvallat, See also United States


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Making sense of the new Cold War, 26 March 2019

US grip of the world weakening, 7 November 2013

Constructive and nefarious genocides, 1 February 2011

Britain's dangerous double games, 5 January 2011

The Great Soul of Power, 12 January 2009

"Free market" meets crime, 18 November 2008

Militarisoituneiden eliittien "todellisuus", Rauhan puolesta 1/2008, 10.4.2008

"Hullu vuosi" 1968 — mieletön vuosi 2008, 6.2.2008


Human rights and the power of propaganda

28 August 2007

Todellinen maailma ja Blairin "visiot"


Globalisaation tuhovoima


Arvojen universaalisuudesta


Kommunismin tuomitsemisesta


Barbarism in the name of civilisation

30 January 2006

"Terrorismin ymmärtäjät"


Who's appeasing who?

23 March 2004

When fundamentalisms clash

22 July 2003

Rethinking human rights

2 July 2003

Orwellian newspeak is here

24 June 2003

"Terrorismin vastaisen rintaman" kuvitelmat


Suomalaisälykkö rähmällään Länteen


When fundamentalisms clash

22 July 2003

Iloniemen iloinen uutinen


Professoritason lapsenuskoa


Kuka valvoo vahvojen valtioiden toimia?

Ydin, 6/2002

American and European responsibility

openDemocracy, 26 September 2001

Englanninkielisen maailman ylemmyyden myytti

Yliopisto, 2000

Aseteollisuuden voitot kulkevat moraalin edellä

Ydin, 5/1999

Vallankäytön moniselitteisyys

BBC Finnish Section, 4.1.1996

Uusnationalismin hyökyaalto synnyttää levottomuutta Euroopassa

Ydin, 1994

The Poor Fight Back

New Internationalist, September 1993

Eurooppalaisen imperialismin perintö

BBC Finnish Section, 20.4.1993

Eurooppa Kylmän sodan jälkeen

BBC Finnish Section, 6.4.1993

Köyhät näyttävät rikkaille esimerkkiä

Kehitys, 3/1993

Alhaisen intensiteetin demokratiat

Kehitys, 1993

Kansainvälisten suhteiden militarisoiminen

BBC Finnish Section, 21.1.1993

Uusnationalismin hyökyaalto synnyttää levottomuutta Euroopassa

Ydin, 1992

Eurooppalaista kansalaisdemokratiaa etsimässä

Ydin, 1991

Komentotaloudesta markkinakomentoon

BBC Finnish Section, 1.6.1991

Itä-Euroopan uusi tuleminen



BBC Finnish Section, 21.12.1990

Isaac Deutscher - idän ja lännen toisinajatteleva

Suomen Kuvalehti, 19.1.1979

Neuvostoliiton joukot ylittäneet Tšekkoslovakian rajan Pasi Rutanen, Tapani Lausti

YLEn Elävä arkisto 1968

Esa Aallas:

Oliko Frantz Fanon oikeassa?

Kansan Uutiset, 24.8.2005


Muiden kirjoittajien artikkeleita — Articles by other writers

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Geopolitical Earthquakes Increase the Danger of Catastrophic War by Joseph Gerson, Common Dreams, 9 October 2021

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Where Flowers Find No Peace to Grow by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 29 September 2021

Europeans Whine That US Is Unreliable: Time for Them To Take Over Responsibility for Their Own Security by Doug Bandow, Antiwar.com, 29 September 2021

UN Chief Warns Humanity Is 'Unacceptably Close to Nuclear Annihilation' by Jake Johnson, Common Dreams, 26 September 2021

Support for Nuclear Ban Treaty Is Rising. Nuclear Nations Are on the Defensive by Jon Letman, Truthout, 24 September 2021

The U.S. and Australia Signed a Nuclear Arms Deal, Simple as That by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 24 September 2021

Top US, Russian military chiefs meet in Helsinki, YLE News, 22 September 2021

Who was Dag Hammarskjöld? by Joe Lauria, Consortium News, 18 September 2021

The Less-Cold Case of Dag Hammarskjöld by James DiEugenio, Consortium News, 18 September 2021

Declining Anglo-Saxon Powers Intensify Alliance by Joe Lauria, Consortium News, 15 September 2021

The Vocabulary of Neoliberal Diplomacy in Today's New Cold War by Michael Hudson, CounterPunch, 13 September 2021

Defensive, Not Aggressive by Andrew Cockburn, London Review of Books, 9 September 2021

Organizing against militarism from Israel to Europe by Jonathan Hempel. ROAR, 30 August 2021

After Pegasus Exposé, UN Rights Experts Urge Moratorium on 'Life-Threatening' Spyware by Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams, 12 August 2021

World Order by Patrick Lawrence, Consortium News, 9 August 2021

76 Years After Hiroshima Bombing, Fresh Call for End to All Nuclear Weapons by Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams, 8 August 2021

The disturbing rise of the corporate mercenaries by Felip Daza, Nora Miralles, openDemocracy, 6 August 2021

US Cyber Warmongering by Finian Cunningham, Information Clearing House, 20 July 2021

The Decline of Western Power by Craig Murray, Consortium News, 19 July 2021

The long and winding multipolar road by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 3 July 2021

Nationalism on the Decline by Lawrence Wittner, CounterPunch, 1 July 2021

The Iron Fist Is in Place: Azerbaijan's War – an Historical Parallel by Rick Rozoff, Antiwar.com, 28 June 2021

Georgia: Pan-Turkic Empire's Next Conquered Province by Rick Rozoff, Antiwar.com, 25 June 2021

The G7's role in the world by Jayati Ghosh, Social Europe, 21 June 2021

We Don't Need the G7 by Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate, 16 June 2021

Trust Lacking at Blah Summit by Ray McGovern,Antiwar.com, 17 June 2021

Why Democracies in G7 & NATO Should Reject U.S. Leadership by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, ZNet, 15 June 2021

Empire of Clowns vs. Yellow Peril by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 15 June 2021

Biden vs. Vlad the Impaler by Finian Cunningham, Information Clearing House, 15 June 2021

The Decline of Western Power, CraigMurray.org.uk, 15 June 2021

Debunking Canada's false narrative on human rights by Elizabeth Leier, ROAR, 15 June 2021

On Climate and Covid-19 Emergencies, G7 Judged a 'Colossal Failure' for All the World to See by Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 13 June 2021

G7: Desperately Seeking Relevancy by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 10 June 2021

Between friends, are there cracks in the cold war consensus? by James Carden, Responsible Statecraft, 9 June 2021

Biden-Putin Summit: Boon or Bust? by Ray McGovern, Antiwar.com, 9 June 2021

‘The Modis, the Trumps, the Bolsonaros Come Out of the Wreckage of Neoliberal Policy' by Vijay Prashad and Janine Jackson, FAIR, 4 June 2021

Manufacturing Consent for War (a review of a new book by Vijay Prashad) by Jeremy Kuzmarov, Consortium News, 24 May 2021

Ugliness Defines the Mood by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 17 May 2021

From Palestine to Colombia: The end of the White world colonial/capitalist project? by Ajamu Baraka, MR Online, 15 May 2021

Rules-Based Order' Is Cover for Destructive Western Hegemonic Ambitions, Editorial, Information Clearing House, 15 May 2021

If I fall in the struggle, take my place by Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 14 May 2021

New stage of remote warfare further diminishes military accountability by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy, 8 May 2021

Detente: The Vital Word Missing From Discourse On Russia And China, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 5 May 2021

What If The Big Reveal Already Happened? CaitlinJohnstone.com. 30 April 2021

Global 2020 Military Spending Grew to Nearly $2 Trillion by Kenny Stancil, Consortium News, 27 April 2021

Review – Ravenna: capital of empire, crucible of Europe by Neal Ascherson, Red Pepper, 18 April 2021

Denis Halliday: A Voice of Reason in an Insane World by Nicolas J.S. Davies, ZNet, 15 April 2021

UN's Most Powerful Political Body Remains Paralyzed Battling a New Cold War by Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service, 14 April 2021

As the rich get richer and the Global South gets poorer, expect more conflict by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy, 10 April 2021

Joe Biden and Keir Starmer Are Warmonger Internationalists by Andrew Murray, Jacobin, 7 April 2021

How Eurasia will be interconnected by Pepe Escobar, The Saker, 4 April 2021

Rising up against the global police state by Dawn Marie Paley, ROAR, 27 March 2021

Welcome to shocked & awed 21st century geopolitics by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 23 March 2021

We are living through a time of fear – not just of the virus, but of each other, Jonathan Cook Blog, 23 March 2021

War Is A Rich Man's Game: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 16 March 2021

Our lives between the covers of the Raging Twenties by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 12 March 2021

Imperialism Is Capitalism's Life Support System: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 3 March 2021

Imperial Waste by Paul Robinson, Irrussianality, 3 March 2021

In Honduras and Across the World, Human Rights Defenders Continue To Be Killed With Impunity by Mary Lawlor, Common Dreams, 2 March 2021

The headless chicken and the bear by The Saker, Information Clearing House, 13 February 2021

After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset” by F. William Engdahl, Global Research, 4 February 2021

Xi and Putin make the case for win-win vs.  zero- sum by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 3 February 2021

Switzerland's Dangerous Turn to the Far Right by Franklin Frederick, Defend Democracy Press. 3 February 2021

Doomsday Clock Moves Ever Closer to Midnight by Editors, Information Clearing House, 28 January 2021

Why We Can't Give Up on the Idea of a World Free From Nuclear Weapons by Vijay Prashad, ZNet, 27 January 2021

Xi reads multilateral riot act to virtual Davos by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 26 January 2021

After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset” by F. William Engdahl, Global Research, 26 January 2021

The ‘humanitarian' left still ignores the lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria to cheer on more war, Jonathan Cook BLog, 22 January 2021

The Inconvenience of Democracy: Pre-emptive Coups by Ted Snider, Antiwar.com, 20 January 2021

The far right's rise within armed forces is a global threat to democracy by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy, 16 January 2021

What happened in Washington DC is happening around the world by Cas Mudde, The Guardian, 7 January 2021

Nazis, ‘Commies', etc (Part 1) by Nikos Raptis, ZNet, 7 January 2021

Is Society Collapsing? by Kirkpatrick Sale, CounterPunch, 25 December 2020

Antisemitism claims mask a reign of political and cultural terror across Europe, Jonathan Cook Blog, 11 December 2020

The planet cannot begin to heal until we rip the mask off the West's war machine, Jonathan Cook Blog, 27 November 2020

Brave Vandana Shiva Speaks Out Against the Great Reset by Organic Radicals, Global Research, 26 November 2020

The Post Covid World, The WEF's Diabolical Project: “Resetting the Future of Work Agenda” – After “The Great Reset”. A Horrifying Future by Peter Koenig, Global Research, 25 November 2020

The Secret Agenda of the World Bank and IMF by Peter Koenig, Information Clearing House, 20 November 2020

It is freedom, only freedom which can quench our thirst by Vijay Prashad, MR Online, 20 November 2020

Grand Illusions by Pankaj Mishra, The New York Reviesw, 19 November issue 2020

There Are No War Heroes, Only War Victims: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 12 November 2020

The Russia-China Vote by Pepe Escobar, Information Clearing House, 3 November 2020

'Victory for Humanity': Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons to Take Effect as Honduras Becomes 50th Nation to Ratify by Jake Johnson, Common Dreams, 25 October 2020

Tomgram: Michael Klare, A Game of Nuclear Chicken with Russia and China, TomDispatch.com, 11 October 2020

Reaching for Guns & Money by Vijay Prashad, Consortium News, 9 October 2020

Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds' Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else by Philip Giraldi, Information Clearing House, 29 Septgember 2020

Tomgram: Nick Turse, One Hundred Seconds Till the Apocalypse, TomDispatch.com, 24 September 2020

What UN Needs is a Cease-Fire Inside its own Security Council by Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service, 24 September 2020

Stephen Cohen Has Died. Remember His Urgent Warnings Against The New Cold War, CaitlinJohnstone.com, 19 September 2020

Assassinating Irony & Truth by Finian Cunningham, Information Clearing House, 17 September 2020

Shadow armies: how the West wages war but keeps its soldiers at home by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy, 3 September 2020


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