7 August 2006

Geoff Gascoyne's soul food

The leading Spanish daily El País recently published this review of the British bassist Geoff Gascoyne's latest CD, Keep it to yourself (Karonte). Readers of these pages may remember that Gascoyne was one of the participants in the Polar Jazz project organised by the Finnish Institute in London. The review was written by Chema García. The review, which gave the recording four stars out of five, was published on 30 June 2006. I publish here a (free) translation and the Spanish original.


If you didn't know Lee Morgan, listen to Geoff Gascoyne. The spirit of the hottest trumpet player-composer of hard bop, and his colleagues of the time, comes alive in the fertile memory of the bassist and his group of companions. Jazz with soul and taste, soul food, with the stellar collaborations of Fame and Jaimie Cullum. Nobody is scared: for once, this diminutive destroyer of London pianos puts the instrument to good use.


Si no conociste a Lee Morgan, escucha a Geoff Gascoyne. El espiritu del trompetista-compositor más caliente del hard bop, y el de sus colegas de época, revive en la memoria fértil del contrabajista y su grupo de acompañantes. Jazz con alma y sabor a soul food con las colaboraciones estelares de Fame y Jaime Cullum. Nadie se asuste: por una vez, el pequeño destroza pianos londinense lo borda.


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