3 November 2006

Mika Mylläri's lullabies

By Tapani Lausti

The Finnish trumpeter and composer Mika Mylläri, a veteran of Finnish-British jazz projects and known to regular readers of these pages, has come up with a new project: lullabies in jazz form.

In a recent concert in the Sibelius museum in Turku he performed not only his arrangements of lullabies but also new arrangements of Finnish and Finland's Swedish folk music. The other arranger of this music is the band's pianist Ralf Nyqvist. The rest of the band members are the bassist Jorma Ojanperä and the drummer Tuomo Timonen.

According to a report in Turun Sanomat, the band also performed compositions by other members of the ensemble. The band's new CD is called Lullabies: Mylläri & Nyqvist Duo with Strings and Reeds (MNDUO 1).

The newspaper notes that all members of the ensemble have played in numerous successful projects, covering many styles and genres. Mylläri is not only one of Finland's leading trumpeters but is also known as an accomplished teacher, composer and arranger. Nyqvist is well-known for his compositions for theatre.

Ojanperä has since the 1980s been one of the leading bassists in Finland. Timonen has become a household name in many genres of improvised music.

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