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Vinoutuneen kulutuskulttuurin kirot, 4.9.2013

Finns advised to become joyful workers, 9 October 2009

Loitsuja suomalaisesta elinvoimasta, 9.10.2009

Finns get advice from The Times, 26 September 2008

Madeleine Bunting's awful lunch in Finland, 19 August 2008

Dismantling the Finnish welfare state 8 May 2006



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Finland Is Rallying Around a Six-Hour Workday — And So Should We by Annina Claesson, Jacobin, 1 September 2020

Finland's Social Democrats win close election victory by Charlie Duxbury, Politico, 15 April 2019

SDP takes top spot, populists rally, heavy losses for PM's Centre in Finnish election, YLE News, 15 April 2019

Finland election: voters may pick first leftist prime minister in two decades by Reuters, The Observer, 14 April 2019

Children in Finland increasingly treated for mental health issues, YLE News, 28 November 2018

Finland is ‘worst in Europe' for racial harassment and violence, News Now Finland, 28 November 2018

€800 basic income plan unveiled by Left Alliance, News Now Finland, 27 November 2018

by Aleksi Teivainen, Helsinki Times, 21 November 2018

The Finnish Basic Income Experiment – Correcting The Narrative by

Universal basic income: Why is Finland giving free money to its unemployed? by Shehab Khan, Independent, 27 April 2018

Finlandia niega una extensión de la renta básica universal más allá de 2018 por EFE, El País, 26 abril 2018

Finland's basic income organisers correct inaccurate media reports of trial's premature death, YLE News, 25 April 2018

Finland denies claims universal basic income experiment has fallen flat by Shehab Khan, Independent, 25 April 2018

Finland drops again in Press Freedom Index rankings, YLE News, 25 April 2018

Finland Has Second Thoughts About Giving Free Money to Jobless People by Peter S. Goodman, The New York Times, 24 April 2018

Finland to end basic income trial after two years by Jon Henley, The Guardian, 23 April 2018

Finland's basic income trial falls flat by Laurence Peter, BBC News, 23 April 2018

Finland has found the answer to homelessness. It couldn't be simpler by Harry Quilter-Pinner, The Guardian, 12 April 2018

Finland only EU country to reduce homelessness as problem grows across Europe, YLE News, 12 April 2018

Finland should launch universal credit trial, proposes Orpo by Aleksi Teivainen, Helsinki Times, 28 March 2018

Public welfare watchdog: Benefits covering fewer expenses than ever, YLE News, 27 March 2018

Viaje al país más feliz del mundo por Cristina Sánchez-Andrade, El País, 23 marzo 2018

Municipal leaders up in arms amid projected €300m cuts to social and health care, YLE News, 22 March 2018

Try a bracing blast of sisu! The new Scandi outdoor craze from the world's most happy nation that Finns claim boosts wellbeing and keeps you happy by Polly Dunbar, Mail Online, 17 March 2018

Finland's story shows equality is the best route to happiness, The Guardian, 17 March 2018

Finland declared happiest country in the world in United Nations report by Chris Baynes, Independent, 15 March 2018

‘Happy Immigrants' Boost Finland To Top Of World Happiness Index, News Now Finland, 14 March 2018

Finland is the happiest country in the world, says UN report by Patrick Collinson, The Guardian, 14 March 2018

Want to Be Happy? Try Moving to Finland by Maggie Astor, The New York Times, 14 March 2018

Shucks, Finns: Finland tops 2018 global happiness index by Jari Tanner, AP, The Washington Post, 14 March 2018

It's fun in Finland! Nordic country tops list of happiest nations but there is no place in the top ten for Britain or America by Julian Robinson, Mail Online, 14 March 2018

Finland tops 2018 UN global happiness index, YLE News, 14 March 2018

Police launch week of stepped-up immigration spot checks, YLE News, 13 March 2018

Life In Limbo: How Finland Is Failing On Gender Identity Rights, News Now Finland, 8 March 2018

Finland has practically ended homelessness by Jack Webb, Independent, 2 March 2018

Statistics: Nearly 12% of Finnish residents at risk of "living in poverty", YLE News, 2 March 2018

OECD urges Finland to abandon basic income, re-design benefits by Aleksi Teivainen, Helsinki Times, 1 March 2018

Niinistö on 2nd term: "No need for major changes", YLE News, 29 January 2018

Sauli Niinistö Wins Re-election In Historic First Round Vote, News Now Finland, 29 January 2018

Finland's President Sauli Niinisto comfortably re-elected, BBC News, 29 January 2018

One year down, one to go: A view on Finland's basic income experiment, YLE News, 27 January 2018

100 years ago today: Reds take Tampere, Finnish Civil War begins, YLE News, 27 January 2018

Civil War still divides Finland after 100 years, poll suggests, YLE News, 16 January 2018

Money for nothing: is Finland's universal basic income trial too good to be true? by Jon Henley, The Guardian, 12 January 2018

Public survey: Kekkonen, Niinistö and Koivisto top-ranked presidents in Finnish history, YLE News, 6 January 2018


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