Work gender gap reduced

The division of labour between sexes is diminishing in Finland. According to information collected by the Central Statistical Office and reported by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (28 November 2001), as men's annual work-time has come down, women's has gone up. Men also participated more in domestic work. However, women still were responsible for 60 per cent of work at home.

All in all, people spend less time in waged work than in the 1980s. Some of the reasons for this are the ageing of the population and smaller number of people at work.

Although the average annual work time of the employed has remained static, working days have become longer. On the other hand, there are more completely free days. Men still spend more time at waged work than women

Statistics also show that differences in work-time between various employee groups have diminished.

At home, men participated more in cooking and cleaning and women increased the amount of time they spent on home maintenance.

The amount of leisure time has increased by an hour since the beginning of the 1990s. There are on average 46 hours of free time per week. Men have three free hours more than women.

Of the increased leisure time, television watching has claimed a substantial part. Up to a third of free time is spent watching television. Men are ahead of women in this category, too.

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